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Review By Natasha B
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My apologies for only getting back to you now. I just want to thank you for the speedy production an ...
19/03/2024  Verified Purchase
Review By Daniel B
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I've used LiteSource on two occasions and I've had great customer service both time. I had an issue ...
06/03/2024  Verified Purchase
Review By Jacques B
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Dankie baie, ek het lanklaas sulke servis gekry. Baie dankie.
06/02/2024  Verified Purchase


A range of electrical socket towers that can be installed in a desk or shelf.
The Powerdock remains hidden until it is extended and is supplied with a variety of socket options including USB. 
Also choose from Rotadock, Protea, Wave, Punto and Pyramid to meet every requirement for an architectural multiplug in a residential or commercial application.
Watch the video for an overview of the complete range.

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